How to Download Porntube Video

Jaksta is a PornTube downloader and converter.

It is the simplest PornTube downloader and converter to use - just start monitoring and it will automatically detect and download Music, Video and Radio streams and then convert them into the format you choose from over 100 conversion options. Learn more ...

Using Jaksta as a PornTube Downloader and Converter!

  • Ensure Jaksta is monitoring by clicking the Monitoring button and ensure the monitoring animated icon is visible and spinning.

Jaksta monitoring for PornTube downloads

  • Select a conversion setting from the dropdown list if required.

Jaksta conversion settings (iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, AVI, FLV, WMV) for PornTube

  • Navigate to and start to play a stream on PornTube. Jaksta will automatically detect and begin to download the stream.

Jaksta downloading from PornTube

  • If a conversion preset is selected Jaksta will automatically convert the downloaded PornTube stream.

Jaksta converting download from PornTube


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